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Eating Smart through AI

Through artificial intelligence we’re simplifying home cooking & grocery shopping whilst empowering you to make informed food choices at supermarkets and connecting you with restaurants that offer menu options matching your personal nutritional needs.

Product Discovery

Discover market products with ease using advanced filters, and instantly find out where to purchase them.

Nutrition Guidance beyond Medication

Fill in your profile with your diet, allergance/intolerances, health focus and any ingredients you like to control.

Addressing health conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, high-blood pressure with more than just medication whilst avoid any allergies & ingredients. Benefit from AI-enhanced, expert-backed nutritional advice.

Product Suitability & Alternatives

Scan product barcodes or research products to learn if they fit your diet whilst learning why. Unfit items? We’ll suggest healthier alternatives and where to find them.

Community of Food Enthusiasts & Experts

Follow and interact with nutrition experts and fellow food enthusiasts for product advice and shared experiences.

Contribute & Earn Rewards

Help us enhance our database by simply uploading product photos and win exciting monthly rewards.

Find Restaurants That Fit your Diet

Effortlessly locate dining establishments offering menu options aligned with your dietary and nutritional preferences for a worry-free dining experience.

Time-Saving Meal Planning

Plan your whole week of recipes based on your nutrition intake plus having them converted into products that actually match your diet whilst having them delivered or ready for pickup together with any additional groceries. Say goodbye to long after-work supermarket queues and embrace quick, stress-free meal planning.

Find Fresh Ingredients, Save Money & Reduce Waste

Source fresh ingredients whether they’re organic or grass fed, Halal or Kosher, direct from farms, your local grocery or supermarkets whilst favoring recipes that has the least food waste for your group size saving you money.

Smart Pantry Tracking

Never double-buy again. We’ll keep track of your pantry, automatically excluding ingredients that you already have at home upon purchasing, with easy re-ordering of finished items.

Vast Recipe Ideas

Global recipes presented in an easy-to-follow, standardised step-by-step format. Enjoy recipes with precise ingredient measurements within each step, all converted to your preferred units for a seamless cooking experience.

Recipe Filtering

Filter recipes to fit your unique taste and needs with our extensive filtering capabilities

By Nutrition

Choose based on Diets, Nutrition, Allergens, and Nutri-Score for meals that align with your health goals

Taste & Lifestyle

Select from Cuisines, Flavour Profiles, Spice/Skill Level, and Dish Type to match your culinary curiosity.

Convenient Cooking

Filter by Cooking Time, Ingredients, Equipment, Budget, Source Labels, and Occasion for a seamless kitchen experience

Available on all platforms

Mamori’s will be available on all platforms. Native applications for Android and iOS with a web version for desktops & laptops.